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21st Molossers  Breeds  Dog Show (with  CAC)
24th   November 2019
in the "Breepark Events Center", Breda,  the Netherlands

In case of any problem with filling in this form please contact kynologie@kpnmail.nl

Pretty fleece blanket 150 x 110 cm.  for each dog entered.


Appenzell Cattle Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
Boston Terrier
Canary Islands Mastiff
Cao Fila do San Miguel
Cinmarron Uruguayo
Dogo Argentino
Dogue de Bordeaux
English Bulldog
Entlebuch Cattle Dog
Fila BRasileiro
French Bulldog
German Boxer
Great Dane black
Great Dane harlequin
Great Dane blue
Great Dane fawn
Great Dane brindle
Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Italian Corso Dog
Landseer C.E.T.
Majorcan Mastiff
Neapoletan Mastiff
Pyrenean Mastiff
Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Rafeiro de Alentejo
St. Bernard  Dog short-haired
St. Bernard Dog long-haired
Serra da Estrela M.D.
mooth haired
Serra da Estrela M.D. long haired
Spanish Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff

Dogs with cropped ears cannot be entered.
Dogs with docked tails can only be entered if he tail was docked for medical reasons.
The tail was docked for medical reasons: No Yes.  If yes, upload veterinary certificate in European pet passport.

Name of the dog

Gender                Male     Female

Registration (NHSB, ZB, LOF,LOSH, etc.): Number:  

Date of Birth:  






ZIP / Town:   


Email :          


Entry in: 

1. Minor puppy class (4 - 6 months)  30.--
2. Puppy class(6 - 9 months)  30.--
3. Junior class (9-18 months)  1st dog 52,50, - 2nd and next dogs 47,50
4. Intermediate class (15-24 months)  1st dog 52,50,  2nd and next dogs 47,50

5. Open class (over 15 months)  1st dog 52,50,  2nd and next dogs 47,50
6. Working class (over 15 months)  1st dog 52,50,  2nd and next dogs 47,50
7. Champion class (over 15 months)  1st dog 52,50 2nd and next dogs 47,50
8.  Veterans class (over 8 years)  30.--

or mail to kynologie@kpnmail.nl    
 Please tick if this is a 2nd or next dog in classes 3-7.

9.   Brace  (dog and bitch of the same breed/variety and the same owner) 10.--
10.  Breeding class ( minimum  3, maximum  5 dogs, same breed/variety, different owners possible ) 10.--
11. Progeny class ( Dog or bitch with minimum 3, maximum 5 first generation offspring) 10.--
Classes 9-11 only with dogs that are also entered in one of the classes 1-8.

 Child with Dog Show (Child under 12 years)  FREE OF CHARGE:
 Name of the child:


         Dressed up as: 

Only with dogs that are also entered in one of the classes 1-8.

Extra entry cards. Adults 10,--       1.    2.     3.    4.      5.

Extra entry cards Children (4-11 years) a 65+.   5,--      1.    2.     3.    4.     5.

Not shown dogs (not more than 2) 5,-  1.     2.   

Price money ( Thank you!!)      5,--       10,--         15,--         25,--

Please pay on the day of sending the entry form to:
 IBAN: NL54INGB0004159960,  BIC: INGBNL2A,

Federatie Dogachtigen, 4871LP Etten-Leur

 Total to pay:


By clicking the send button:

The exhibitor declares that, to his knowledge,  the entered dog has not been in circumstances where there might have been danger of infection with canine distemper, or any other infectious disease, and that he will not show his dog if such circumstances should occur between now and the date of the show.

The exhibitor declares that he will respect  the Dutch Kennel Club's  show rules and the special rules of this show and that he engages himself to pay the entry fee.