20e Dogachtigen Show (met CAC)
26 November  2017
in de Brabanthallen te Den Bosch

Kynologisch Curriculum Vitea Fernando Clemente.

Born in Gran Canaria (Canary Island), Fernando Clemente combines his activity as an economist with his passion for the dog world.
Hobby breeder under the kennel name Sambayfatiga.
He was for years overseas correspondent for the prestigious American magazine “The French Bullytin”.
Nomined for the Dog Writers Association of America Awards.
President of the Spanish French Bulldog Club of Spain for five years,
Fernando cooperated with the translation of the last French Bulldog standard modification.
He has organized many seminars in Spain in the last years to educated Spanish judges, breeders and French bulldogs lovers about the breed.
Fernando Clemente is International judge of French Bulldog, Dogo Canario and many breeds of group three.
He is also recommended judge of the Spanish Dogo .Canario Club.