20e Dogachtigen Show (met CAC)
26 November  2017
in de Brabanthallen te Den Bosch

Kynologisch Curriculum Vitae Oliver Erat

I was born on 21st September 1970 in Graz, Austria.
I had dogs since my childhood.
In 1995 I got my first Boxer “Laurin von der Boxer-Gilde”.
In memory of Laurin, I called my kennel, founded in 2008, “Laurin´s Boxer”.
In 2005 I took the examination at the Austrian kennel club for judging Boxers.
Since that time I got the opportunity to judge in 20 different countries in europe, incl the UK.
In many of them the annual championship show.
In 2016 I was judging ZTP, AD and confirmation show in USA.
In 2009 and 2016 I got the great honor to judge and be a part of ATIBOX WORLD SHOW.
Beside this, I like the work with my boxers for IPO etc very much.
I am also Körmeister an therefore allowed to do examinations for ZTP and Körung.
Currently I share my life with 3 boxers.
Keiko von Lustig, her son Laurin´s Boxer Alim and her daughters Laurin´s Boxer Biena.
After many years of basic works in the Austrian Boxer Club I got elected as Vice-President of the Austrian Boxer Club and the Chairman for Exhibitions and Judges.
From 2013 - 2016 I was member of ATIBOX-Presidium as Beisitzer.
Beside all this the most important thing for me is to life with my boxers, to show and work with them as family- members and always to try to improve - also as a small family breeder - the breed as itself.