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20th Molossers  Breeds  Dog Show (with  CAC)
26th   November 2017
in the "Brabanthallen", 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

As usual the breeds will be judged by breed specialists.
The breeds that can participate are:
Appenzell Cattle Dog             Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Bernese Mountain Dog Guido Puts (NL)
Boston Terrier   Bo Lasthein Andersen (DK)
Broholmer Bo Lasthein Andersen (DK)
Bullmastiff  José Manuel Sastre Toquero (ES)
Canary Islands Mastiff Fernando Clemente Delgado (ES)
Cao Fila de Sao Miguel Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Cinmarron Uruguayo Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Dogo Argentino   Dick Baars (NL)
Dogue de Bordeaux J.M.M.G van Dijk (NL)
English  Bulldog Bo Lasthein Andersen (DK)
Entlebuch Cattle Dog Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Fila Brasileiro Dick Baars (NL)

French Bulldog

Fernando Clemente Delgado (ES)
German Boxer Oliver Erat (AT)
Great Dane Bas Bosch (BE)
Great Swiss Mountain Dog Piet Roosenboom (BE)
Italian Corso Dog Dick Baars (NL)
Landseer ECT Piet Roosenboom (BE)
Leonberger dog  Renate Chiodi (NL)
Majorcan Mastiff Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Mastiff Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Newfoundland Piet Roosenboom (BE)
Neapoletan Mastiff Dick Baars (NL)
Pug Elisabeth Juverud (NO)
Pyrenean Mastiff Piet Roosenboom (BE)
Pyrenean Mountain Dog       Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Rafeiro de Alentejo Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Saint Bernard Dog Bas Bosch (BE)
Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog  Guido Puts (NL)
Sharpei  Bo Lasthein Andersen (DK)

Spanish Mastiff  

Piet Roosenboom (BE)
Tibetan Mastiff Bas Bosch (BE)
Tosa José Manuel Sastre Toquero (ES)
Ring of honor:  
Best in Show Dick Baars (NL)
Best baby Renate Chiodi-Walraven (NL)
Best puppy Piet Roosenboom (BE)
Best youth Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
Brace Elisabeth Juverud (NO)
Breeding class Bo Lasthein Andersen (DK)
Progeny class Guido Puts (NL)
Best veteran J.M.M.G. van Dijk (NL)
Child with Dog Show Wendela Pascal v.d. Cruijsen (NL)
Speaker Dick Baars (NL)