20e Dogachtigen Show (met CAC)
26 November  2017
in de Brabanthallen te Den Bosch

Kynologisch Curriculum Vitae Elisabeth Olsen

Our first pug came to us in 1984 a black female called R°ysing`s Flower Princessa "Sessa". The year after we got our second pug, a fawn female called R°ysing`s Ida Millie "Ida".This two females was the beginning of Tangetoppen kennel. In 1986 we had our first litter, and then "the fire was started".

I Elisabeth got in February 2009 my FCI juding licens, my breeds are
*Boston Terrier
*French Bulldog
*Rusian Toy terrier
*Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
*King Charles Spaniel